I work on the NBA Live Mobile team making art assets as well as creating wireframes for the entire flow of our game. The goal is to make sure that our game is easy to use, fun to play and aesthetically pleasing!
NBA Cash is the currency used in our game to purchase large store items. This can be accumulated by playing events, but can be gained quicker by linking your credit card to the game.
Coins are a lower tiered currency used to purchase small store items or to level up players to a higher OVR rating.
Stamina is used to play
events. When you burn through your stamina, you can either wait until the timer refills it, or speed up the process by purchasing more in the shop. 
Rep is a currency acquired by playing specific game modes. It is short for "reputation" and the more of it you have, the better the rewards you earn. This can also be used to purchase lower tiered store offers.
Star Power Currency 1
Star Power Currency 2
Star Power Currency 3
Superstar currencies are specific to the Superstar players. There are only a few of them in the game, and they are able to be leveled up based on your progress in-game, as well as the amount of currency that you have acquired. These currency items had to be visual distinct from one another while still being related. Due to them being displayed in very small sizes, the idea was to stick to a highly visible shape, and change the tier based on color and intricacy. 
Player cards are a very important piece of our game. Users play events in order to earn token items that they will then exchange for players to ultimately make their teams stronger. My task was to create the layout for the cards this season. The requirements were to include the players likeness, the OVR, the tier, player position, player name, gameplay style and program icon, all while keeping it in a 164px x 267px area.
Customizations are items in our game that are mainly for aesthetic purposes, but can sometimes hold boost value. These items are exclusive courts, jerseys, shoes, headbands etc. These are the base frames and silhouettes generated for this upcoming season. We rely heavily on iconography in our game due to the fact that we run on a global platform, and sometimes text cannot be localized.
Tokens are the main reward granted in our game. A player will complete an event or achievement, and will receive a certain amount of themed tokens based on the event that they played. Tokens are used mainly to gain higher OVR players, but also hold a coin value that varies dependent on tier.
This is a recording of our First Time User Experience flow. The user comes in to the game as a new player, and is able to select their Superstar, their team, and get right into playing the game. We wanted to minimize time spent in tutorials, and maximize time spent exploring the game completing objective goals.
We are working on a new Leaderboards feature for our game. This is a mock using Adobe XD to show the user flow once they enter the leaderboard. The brief was to not overwhelm the user, but to still find a way to display key information while also anticipating what a user may want to be able to see/do while on this screen.
This animation was a pitch as to how we could allow players to edit their lineup without switching through multiple screens (like in our games current state). I wanted to maximize the efficiency of swapping a player out for a new one and confirming your lineup/entering gameplay.
This animated mockup is for a newer feature in our game where users can compete against each other and earn rewards by participating in themed tournaments. 
In this gallery, I have some fun additional art pieces that I get to work on daily. I get to have a lot of creative freedom with our game, so it is fun to experiment with a wide range of styles! In these slides you will see some court art, animations and campaign identity key art.