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Below are a few UI/UX features from Madden Mobile
Goals per mode
Fumble in progress.png
Objective in Progress
Fumble ready to claim.png
Objective Claimable
Our Goals per Mode feature is built to form habits for users within our game. A user comes here, and is able to run down their daily, weekly or monthly checklist, and cross off list items to get rewards. The goal here was to make this screen show rewards, display objectives, and make it very clear to a user that they have finished the objective. In my mocks above, the objective rows clear upon completion, and the progress bars associated with them display a users progress.
Panel Breakdown
Wire – 34.png
Claimable/Complete Set
Reset State.png
In Progress/Reset State
Sets is a very important feature in our game. This is where users take all of the rewards they have earned and turn them into better prizes. Similar to getting tickets at an arcade and exchanging them for prizes. The goal with this feature overhaul was to make it so that the art team did not have to add any art assets to their load. Everything shown is dynamically pulled in XML, from assets already live in game. A user should be able to enter, tap a set, and view the requirements needed to claim the reward.
Live Events
Difficult - Edit Lineup.png
Difficult - Edit Lineup
Edit Lineup
Easy - Go Play.png
Event Easy - Go Play
Event Complete.png
Event Complete
We revisited the live event panel in this feature, to explain more information to the user prior to playing. In the mocks above, I have included screens that show when an event is too difficult to play in, and you have not met the requirements to play. A user must then edit their lineup to meet those requirements. Once they complete that, they can play!
Rank up
Main screen-1.png
Rank UP Player Hub
Popup - level up available_4.png
Rank Up Level Alert
Maximum Upgrades Achieved
Upgrading your player is a key part of the game. The goal with these screens was to show the user the players current level and rank, while also making it easy for a user to go in and complete all of the necessary tasks to upgrade their playe
Pack Open/Card Reveal
Rare Card Flip
Uncommon Card Flip
Pack Open Sequence
We wanted to have tiered pack opening experiences for this season of Madden. The Rare card flip is more dramatic of an experience than the uncommon flip, and the pack open sequence is more intense than previously. If the cards within the pack are not rare or uncommon, the pack open experience will not be as intense as the mock above. This mock is to be used solely for high end pack content.
No timer.png
Blitz Event
Locked Events
Open 2 days.png
Open on Specific Days
Madden Blitz is a part of the game that allows users to play quick events daily to earn small rewards. This area of the game was intended to be easily filled by the content team. To make this possible, we made each map templated, and included them all in a scrolling list. This way, a user can pan through several different Blitz options with ease, and the dev team can add new events in a fraction of the time it takes normally to make a program.
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