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The UCF Knights football team won the Peach Bowl on New Years day, remaining the only undefeated team in the NCAA! Being a former Knight, and having had attended many football games throughout my time at UCF, I wanted to create an illustration of our mascot "Knightro" to commemorate the victory.

Star wars

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With The Last Jedi coming out later this week, I thought it would be fun to illustrate a few of my favorite Star Wars Icons. I am thinking about bringing them all together and creating a print, posters and more!


With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to come up with a custom wrapping paper for my family and friends. So while flying from New York back to Florida, I created this dachshund surf scene! I am a dachshund lover, as well as a beach bum, so this wrapping paper is filled with little pieces of the things I like most in life.

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National Parks

Being an outdoorsy person, I love going to National Parks. My boyfriend and I are avid hikers, and take as many trips to the mountains as we can throughout the year. I was doodling one day, and decided to mockup a couple of decal designs for a few parks. I wanted to test out a few different styles to see where I could take them.

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Surfing is one of my favorite activities, and it is something that I love to share with friends. Many of my friends have never surfed, and want to learn. So, I take them to the beach and teach them the ways of the ocean. The name Surf Vikings came to be based on some lineage and on a love of Nordic surf. It seemed only right to make us a team logo.

Surf vikings

Yosemite poster designs

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I just recently got to visit Yosemite National Park this Summer, and being that I love the mountains and hiking, it was an amazing experience to say the least. These three poster designs were inspired by El Capitan, Upper Yosemite Fall, and Half Dome. I sketched out the designs with pencil first, traced them in Illustrator, and added the textures and color enhancements in Photoshop. 


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With the football season fast approaching, I decided to create some player cards for my favorite team, the NY Giants. The cards were meant to be minimalistic, as I wanted to try a different approach to modern day trading cards. The players with the light blue background are some of the current members of the team, whereas those with a gray background are Giants Legends.I made seven cards to post for seven days on Instagram leading up to our pre-season game on Sunday.

Explorations Kronos

While interning at Disney Event Group, I was asked to design an icon for Kronos' upcoming event at Disney. They wanted to have an Indiana Jones theme to their event, which would consist of themed banners, presentation slides, emails, credential badges and much more. 


Throughout my time at UCF, many design contests would be held to find art that would become the playbill and poster for plays throughout the area. These three designs were submitted while I was a student, with two being selected as the winning designs. "Oklahoma!" went on to be the chosen poster design for the UCF Theatre, and "Kinky Boots" went on to be selected for use at the Dr. Phillips Center of the Preforming Arts.

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